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Current Location:Karachi, PK 09:12 PM PKT(in office till 9 - text me)

Munawar Khel

Current Location:Karachi, PK 09:12 PM PKT(in office till 9 - text me)

Designing websites / mobile / fb / apps for companies like RelayIQSamsungNFLCadburyAstreyaJobularityGalaxy Note

You next? If you're looking for a designer to help bring an idea to life and you're on a tight timeline - I'm ready to go when you are.

Available for Contracts / Social Promotion / Speaking Engagements
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When I first joined HireMore, I was amazed at how quickly Muna was able to produce quality designs. I was used to things taking months, but Muna could turnaround beautiful work faster than I could have imagined. In addition, Muna has always been good at taking feedback and iterating, which is very refreshing. Muna's a pleasure to work with.

Matthew Blood

Enterprise Account Executive at Twic

Projects: September 15, 2017, Matthew was senior to Munawar but didn’t manage directly

We have worked with Munawar for several years and can mention that he is a truly talented and passioned person and a real professional in UI/UX. Along the years we had to solve challenging tasks to which he was able to find creative approach all the time. He is a great colleague and a mate to work with!

Sorin Boistean

Technology Enthusiast / Tech Solutions built for Netflix, Starbucks, Pinterest / Spotify / General Electrics and other 500 Featured Companies

Projects: January 30, 2019, Munawar worked with Sorin in the same group

Munawar is a great designer and truly great to work with. A student of the web he is both cutting edge and informed. He folds various concepts into his own designs to create a unique perspective with built in UI / UX appeal. Muna is absolutely fizzing with ideas he turns those into reality so fast he is able to keep projects moving at an incredible pace.

Kevin O’Donnell MBA

Product Development Specialist

Projects: October 13, 2017, Kevin managed Munawar directly

I worked with Munawar on 2 different products and Munawar was able to translate our business needs into high quality prototypes. Both the products were well received by the users and had a great adoption/engagement rate. I would definitely recommend Munawar for your future design work!

Divya Subash

Product Manager, Technical

Munawar is hight level UX / UI specialist, with super work speed.Always client oriented, Munawar is problem solver, and reallynice person to work with. Highly recommend this guy.

Vitaliy Kononov

Chief Operations and Technology Officer at Big Drop Inc

Projects: October 12, 2015, Munawar worked with Vitaliy in the same group

Munawar has really taken the UI/UX industry by storm and hasreceived multiple accolades for his work. He is a super fastworker, communicates well and is a true talent in the industry. Ifyou have a chance to work with him , take it !

Peter Sandor

Macro Group LLC,, Road Runner Logistics

Projects: March 31, 2016, Munawar worked with Peter in the same group

Munawar is a gifted designer and an excellent developer. He has a greed for innovation and an ability to pick things quickly, that always puts him in the limelight. He is always thinking ahead of time and leading others in implementing latest technologies. His happy go lucky nature keeps the environment friendly and makes it fun to work with him. He is a recession proof individual and an excellent asset for any IT organization.

Ayaz Moin

Head Of Marketing at Savyour

Projects: May 15, 2012, Munawar worked with Ayaz in the same group

Munawar is a detail-oriented UI architect who enjoys his work and always bring new life into his designs. He is very innovative yet up to date to the requirements of modern web technologies. I have always found him passionate about his work. He is very enthusiastic team man and always ready to accept new challenges. I wish him very best of luck for his future, which seems to be a bright one. 

Talha Ashfaque

Head of Engineering at InLoop

Projects: January 3, 2012, Talha worked with Munawar in different groups

One of the best User Interface designer that i have seen, purecreative work with sense of professionalism in designs. Histechnical skill over jQuery , css is also worth mentioning. He hasgot good sense of humor and keeps the environment lively .

Syed Umar Ahmed

Intelligent Automation Evangelist

Projects: February 6, 2012, Syed Umar worked with Munawar in different groups

Munawar is an energetic and a skilled guy with good capacity tolearn and explore new tools and techniques. I have worked withhim at Cygnis Media, and found him an interesting and inspiringcolleague and a friend.

Noman Nasim

Senior iOS Developer at Loblaw Digital

Projects: February 11, 2012, Noman worked with Munawar in different groups